Corporate Responsibility & Governance

Synaptics strives to be a leading corporate citizen and upholds the most ethical standards in our business practices and policies. We are committed to maintaining our reputation as a well-respected and trusted company. Our management team applies an integrated methodology to financial matters, corporate governance and corporate responsibility, leading to increased accountability, better decision making and ultimately creating better long-term value. This focus on the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors influences everything we do.

Environmental– We implemented internal Green programs and initiatives to reinforce our commitment to minimizing natural resource consumption, improving sustainability, reducing waste and increasing reuse and recycling programs company-wide.

Social——我们的员工、业务伙伴和社区are the heart of the company. We strive to build a diverse and inclusive culture that embraces professional and personal growth and empowers employees to reach their greatest potential. We also have numerous charitable programs and volunteer events around the world to support our local communities.

Governance– We are dedicated to supporting leading corporate governance and board practices to ensure oversight accountability and transparency in our business practices. We place a high value on ethical actions, individual integrity and fair dealing in every aspect of what we do.

Accountability– Our management is strongly committed to our corporate responsibility policies and will continue to regularly evaluate these policies to ensure an effective outcome and strict adherence by our employees as well as holding our suppliers and vendors to the same standards.

These policies apply to Synaptics and all of its affiliates including employees, joint ventures, suppliers, vendors, partners as well as service providers, contractors and consultants and all of their products and services. We actively monitor and audit our internal compliance with our Code of Conduct.

We follow the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) framework for managing our ESG related programs. We use this framework to guide us on topics to focus our improvement effort on and where appropriate to work toward further disclosures both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Environmental Impact

We implement programs to minimize natural resource consumption, improve sustainability, reduce waste and increase reuse and recycling programs.


We take pride in fostering a diverse, inclusive, collaborative, and innovative work environment and invest in giving back to our local communities.

Corporate Governance

We place a high value on ethical actions, individual integrity, and fair dealing in every aspect of what we do.
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