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AudioSmart®DSPs, SoCs, & Far-Field Voice

Voice has become the most exciting interface for interacting with consumer electronics. AudioSmart SoCs enable advancements in the smart home by incorporating home-grown far-field voice and wake word technologies as well as supporting the Synaptics SyNAP™ AI framework. Throughout the voice revolution, Synaptics has been bolstering its industry-leading portfolio of advanced audio hardware and software solutions designed to help today’s always-listening voice-enabled devices hear and be heard.

Features & Benefits

  • Wake Word
    Synaptics has been enabling its partners to utilize their own custom wake word for a differentiated voice control experience in multiple languages, in addition to cloud-based voice assistant wake words.
  • Voice Processing
    Industry leading far-field performance for speech recognition systems, enabling seamless voice control of devices up to five meters away. These technologies are integrated into all of Synaptics’ AudioSmart & VideoSmart SoCs.
  • Voice Ecosystem
    Reference designs, drivers, and tuning tools are provided to expedite product development. Synaptics voice solutions are designed to work with all ASR engines such asAmazon AVS.
  • Voice AI
    A complete solution including the wake word engine, far-field voice algorithms, and the application processor. As a single stop shop for all these technologies, the development process is greatly simplified, and time-to-market is reduced.
  • Price Performance Leadership
    AudioSmart® 2-mic and 4-mic advanced voice processing solutions offer identical performance to more expensive multi-microphone systems at reduced costs.

Amazon AVS

Looking to create products with Amazon Alexa?

The AudioSmart 4-mic and 2-mic development kits enable anyone to quickly prototype and develop high-performance far-field devices with Amazon Alexa.

Microsoft Cortana Devices SDK

Designing Products with Cortana?

Develop intelligent assistance across your ecosystem of smart devices using the Cortana Devices SDK and Synaptics AudioSmart far-field voice DSPs. Designing with Synaptics empowers your devices with pre-certification of Cortana and Skype.

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