Display Driver Technology

Achieving rich and vibrant displays on consumer devices once required making compromises in other areas, such as cost or battery life, or the time needed to bring new features or models to market.

The Synaptics family of ClearView display drivers for OLED and LCD panels require no such compromises. The drivers incorporate the industry’s most comprehensive, advanced set of image-enhancing technologies for today’s high-resolution devices, supporting entry-level smartphones to high-end tablets, wearables and automobile consoles with high-definition displays. Customization options and world-class support streamline product development and accelerate time-to-market.

Image Enhancing Technologies

  • 内容自适应的未来ghtness Control
    CABC dynamically adjusts backlight to achieve superior image quality and optimal battery life.
  • Color Enhancement
    CE enables design engineers to customize the color personality of a display.
  • Local Area Auto Contrast Optimization
    Local Area ACO offers regional control for balancing the light and dark areas of an image independently, creating a display with up to one-billion colors — an industry first!
  • Sunlight Readability Enhancement
    SRE detects ambient light levels and adjusts contrast accordingly, delivering optimal viewing.
  • Adaptive Compression Engine
    Dynamically compressing video images reduces both processing load and memory footprint.
  • Gamma & Color Tuning
    A robust set of measurement and simulation tools simplify tuning gamma and color, producing the best possible image quality for the type of panel being used.
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