High-Speed Wired Connectivity

With the plethora of connectors and standards in the consumer electronics world, designers are looking for more advancedandstreamlined wired connectivity solutions for linking CPUs/GPUs and various endpoints.

Given the small footprint of devices such PC’s, docking stations, peripherals like hubs and hard drives, VR headsets, and smartphones, design engineers have increasingly adopted more versatile connectivity solutions. As a result, device manufacturers are increasingly adopting USB Type-C (USB-C) as the primary interface port for connecting products. The versatile USB-C standard offers a very small footprint, the connector is flip/reversible, and can support audio, video, high-speed data, and even power, thus eliminating the need for separate and more limited ports for each type of input required.

With that, device makers today are migrating to USB-C and leveraging Synaptics’ unique interface solutions for DisplayPort to HDMI and other combinations of popular standards. The future is bright for USB-C, and design engineers are increasingly using Synaptics’ interface technology to develop innovative and cost-effective high-speed wired connectivity through USB-C to seamlessly bridge high-performance digital protocols such as DisplayPort 1.4 and MST (multi-stream), HDMI, VGA, MIPI and others.

Synaptics’ ConnectSmart family offers a full range of interface solutions that support the latest versions of the most widely used protocols. Its flexible product lines for connecting devices combine high-performance interface with low power consumption and are designed with consumer price points in mind. Its solutions have been broadly adopted by the top OEMs/ODMs to enable video expansion and protocol conversion, leverage high-end features, and deliver the bandwidth needed to drive multiple high-resolution displays simultaneously.

Synaptics-powered solutions equip devices to handle existing and emerging video interface standards by converting digital protocol signals or bridging the same. This includes multi-stream support for DisplayPort 1.4, as well as support for HDMI 2.1, USB-C Alt mode, MIPI and beyond, by delivering the highest speeds, resolutions and refresh rates possible for device connections.

Synaptics’ interface products offer a flexible array of configurations, with up to four lanes of audio/video/data combination solutions. All products support Synaptics unique dual 4K 60Hz performance.

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