TouchPad Family


The Synaptics SecurePad™ integrated fingerprint technology offers convenience without compromising security. SecurePad technology can be integrated in Synaptics ClickPad™, ForcePad®, or TouchPad™ devices, providing a fluid user experience for electronic devices.

By replacing cumbersome, complex passwords with the touch of a finger, SecurePad sensors deliver an intuitive way to authenticate a user’s identity to unlock devices and quickly login to applications.


SecurePad sensors enable OEMs to deliver the most compelling, differentiated, high-performance mobile devices to market at the most competitive costs.

Additionally, SecurePad technology is convenient, secure, and provides additional fingerprint synergies, such as secure login for one-touch shopping, e-signatures, banking, and file access.

SecurePad sensors are also a single system interface with a customizable design. SecurePad single system interface includes:

  • Simpler integration compared to a separate fingerprint sensor
  • Consolidated bus usage
  • Single composite driver
  • Simpler system architecture compared to a fingerprint sensor in the palmrest

The customizable design can be a single- or dual-system interface, supports all typical TouchPad dimensions, and offers numerous indicator options: bezels, light guides, and surface protrusions.

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