TouchPad Family


The Synaptics ClickPad™, the next generation of the capacitive TouchPad™ portfolio, is an image-sensing, multi-finger ClickPad that maximizes the gesture area and is ideal for a fast and fluid Microsoft® Windows® or Precision TouchPad experience.

This new ClickPad offers:

  • Thin z-height
  • Cost-efficient design with consistent performance
  • Reinforced spring-hinge click mechanism
  • Integrated tactile dome button activation


The Synaptics ClickPad is a thin, image-sensing, hinge-style, touch solution design. Synaptics has designed a reinforced hinge-spring mechanism that delivers consistent performance through rigid construction, more responsive switch activation and reliable corner performance.

Because the ClickPad does not require additional buttons, it is designed for larger surface areas that are compatible with Microsoft’s® Modern TouchPad size recommendations. ClickPad offers a cost-efficient design with consistent performance.

Synaptics delivers a broad range of services that go far beyond standard chip offerings. All TouchPad products incorporate Synaptics’ deep system engineering and human factors expertise, and enable device manufacturers to deliver a consistent, high quality user experience across a wide range of products.

Options include:

  • 玻璃或聚酯薄膜(如聚酯®)facesheet options
  • Size options: 2.9” to 6.0” diagonal
  • PS/2, InterTouch™, I²C, and USB interfaces available
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