UCC IP Terminals


Unified Communication & Collaboration

Unified Communication & Collaboration (UCC) enables comprehensive multimedia and multi-platform collaboration and information sharing between co-workers, partners, vendors, and customers, regardless of location. It is an essential element of any effort to streamline business processes and boost overall productivity.

作为领先的声音and video over IP (V2oIP) silicon and algorithm provider for UCC applications, our solutions are designed to bring together desktop phones, video and conferencing systems into one efficient, cost-effective system with seamless user access across multiple devices.

We provide a combination of high-performance, scalable, low-power silicon and best-in-class voice algorithms that is ideal for all enterprise segments seeking enterprise-grade acoustics and exceptional super-wideband voice quality, with the industry’s lowest power consumption.

UCC Products

All products below support HD voice, wideband audio, common SDK across SoCs, and Linux (5.15 and above).

DVF97 DVF9918 DVF9928 DVF9929 DVF9919 DVF101 DVF120 VS640 VS680
Entry-level voice-centric IP phones X X
Mid-range voice-centric IP phones X X
Advanced full feature voice-centric IP phones X X X X X
Advanced IP terminal with AI capability X X X
Superwide band audio X X X X X
Analog audio front-end power management control & regulation X X X X X X X
Android support X X X X
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