TouchPad Family


Years of perfecting the user experience has resulted in a the Synaptics TouchPad™, which boasts excellent pointing ballistics, natural response and feel, and TypeGuard™ – palm rejection algorithms that virtually eliminate accidental selection for your hand resting on your notebook PC.

  • True multi-touch capability with support for full-time five finger tracking.
  • Best Pointing Accuracy: Better perceived speed, response, accuracy, object selection, and dragging performance.
  • Industry-leading Gesture Recognition: Able to distinguish individual fingers in close proximity.
  • Industry-leading TouchPad User Experience: Better perceived accuracy, selection, dragging, and overall performance. It eliminates the jumpy cursor and axis


The Synaptics TouchPad portfolio makes true multi-touch capacitive sensing possible across PC OEMs entire product portfolio, including the full range of commercial and consumer notebook solutions. Synaptics enables PC OEMs to deliver a tested and proven user experience that is optimized across numerous operating systems and TouchPad sizes.

Synaptics delivers a broad range of services that go far beyond standard chip offerings. All TouchPad products incorporate Synaptics’ deep system engineering and human factors expertise, and enable device manufacturers to deliver a consistent, high quality user experience across a wide range of products.

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